We say ‘Thank you to St. Peter’s Primary, Bray Blog’


 Earlier this month we posted about a blog 

from a school in a nearby town, St. Peter’s Primary, Bray.


Today St. Peter’s returned the compliment and posted about our blog.

Their post was called

‘Sharing our blog and learning about other schools’

and you can read it here.


St. Peter's Blog

2 thoughts on “We say ‘Thank you to St. Peter’s Primary, Bray Blog’

  1. Thanks all!

    I love that Ninja writer! It is a fantastic tool.

    We added a Shelfari to our blog on your recommendation, perhaps we can share ideas on good books to read!

    Ms B (St Peter’s PS)

  2. Thanks, that is the website.

    You can have a wizard write also, or talking flowers. You can also make it look that you have made the headlines in the newspaper. Very easy to use and effective.

    Shelfari is a super addition. Sharing enjoyable books sounds like a good joint project perhaps.

    We’ll see what the new term brings 🙂

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