Musical Notes for First and Second Class


First and Second Class


Music Notes

 Bent Notes
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The time allocation for Arts Education (Art, Drama & Music)

in 1st/2nd is three hours per week in total.


I plan to teach recorder for the ten minutes before

little break daily.


and for there to be extensive integration with topics from other subject areas

e.g., with Language Development; English Irish, R.E., SPHE, etc.




I will assess the children’s progress in Music through

  • teacher observation,
  • some teacher designed tasks
  • some copybook illustrations e.g. responding to music


I will be particularly interested in the children’s ability

  • respond to music
  • to read music
  • to play the recorder
  • and to compose


I would also like the children to assess their own learning

  • informally through discussion during and after class


There will be Parent/Teacher Meetings in December

School Reports in June.

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I believe that every child is capable in the area of Music.

The range of activities in Music will give each child

the opportunity to be successful in this subject.


Arts Education; Music;

Objectives; to develop in the child the following concepts;


Musical concepts;

a sense of pulse










These concepts will be developed as strands below are covered.


In accordance with the spiral curriculum topics would be dealt with

in more detail in Second Class

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– Listening and responding;


Simple listening games; animal sounds;


Exploring sounds; environmental, vocal, body percussion and instruments


– Listening and responding to music;

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e.g. Those that are pensive and convey melancholy mood include;


Piano Concerto No. 21 ‘Elvira Madigan’ Mozart


2nd Movement; ‘Adagio, Concierto De Aranjuez’ Joaquin Rodrigo


Adagio in G Minor’ Tomaso Albinoni


‘First Movement; Adagio-moderato, Cello Concerto,’ Edward Elgar


‘Meditation; Thaïs,’ Jules Massenet


‘Intermezzo, Cavalleria Rusticana,’ Petro Mascagni


Those that are more upbear and animated;


‘The Hallelujah Chorus,’ Handel


‘Jupiter – The Bringer of Jollity’  Holst


‘The Emperor Waltz,’ Johann Straus II


‘Ode to Joy’ from 4th Movement,

Symphony no. 9 in D Minor,’ Ludwig van Beethoven


‘O Fortuna’, Carmina Burana, Carl Orff


‘Ride of the Valkyries,’ Wagner


Prélude, Carmen,’ Georges Bizet


‘Chorus  of the Hebrew Slaves, Nabucco,’ Giuseppe Verdi


‘Dies Irae, Requim Mass,’ Giuseppe Verdi


Compilations available here: Classics for Kids


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Nursery rhymes and children’s songs by various artists.

Click on this link to see some of the songs we enjoy in class..



Church Music;

e.g. Christmas,

St. Brigid’s, 

St. Patrick’s Day,


and also to prepare for confession/communion


Popular Music;

Current Favourites; e.g. Hits from the popular charts.

Listened to during activity time & tidy up time.


  • Performing;

Song Singing; a wide range of songs:

rainn agus amhráin,

action songs, playground games and songs,

popular songs from TV and radio.


Recorder pieces; using the notes b,a,g,e,d,


  • Early literacy;

I will be teaching Second Class to read music in order to played the recorder.


Recognise and perform simple rhythm patterns


  • Playing recorder and percussion instruments (pitched and unpitched) regularly;

Game; The Magic Tambourine

i.e. Tambourine passed around a circle of students as silently as possible.


Accompanying tapes of familiar tunes.


Observing dynamics; loud and soft, quickly and slowly.


Dividing up into different groups;

‘hard’ sounds; blocks, claves & ‘soft’ sounds; bells, tambourine.


Coming in on the instruction of the ‘conductor’.


  • Composing, improvising and creating;


e.g. seasonal themes

e.g. Autumn Leaves,

The Haunted House,

Fireworks, Weather,


The Farm,

The Harbour/ Seashore


Talking about own work and the work of other children


Invent graphic symbols for single sounds and sound effects;

A bell, a shaker, a high note, a loud note, the wind, thunder


Recording compositions: making podcasts using Audioboo.


Click here for 

A month by month menu of music activities for first and second class.