Music; A Month by Month Menu of Themes and Activities for 1st & 2nd Class



Music for First Term;

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: horizontal.integration via Compfight 


Theme; Myself;


Exploring ‘body percussion’

and then percussion instruments


Introducing recorder in Second;

correct posture and way to hold recorder,

‘tongueing’ to make the note.


Introducing first recorder notes.



Themes; Autumn/Halloween

Songs: e.g. The Witch is on her broomstick

Halloween is coming

A Witch wears a long, tall hat

Jack O’Lantern


‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ by Wagner

‘Music for the Royal Fireworks’ by Handel


Using percussion sounds and voice to compose a Halloween/Fireworks piece


Themes; Friends/Co-operating

Composing a ‘Dinosaur Dance’ using percussion instruments.



Traditional Carols

Popular Christmas Songs; compilation tape


Music for Second Term;

The sun, planets and major moons (2560 res!)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jules Stoop via Compfight

*January; Themes; The Planets

 Holst; ‘The Planets’ excerpts


Following some work on Vaughan William’s

‘March Past of The Kitchen Utensils’ 

Click on this link to see the work we did.

Some work on the theme of ‘My School’;

Listening to the sounds at school

Composing a piece using school equipment;

 chalk, pencils, glantóirs, bell.


‘We’ll sing a hymn to Brigid’ in preparation  

for her feast day 1st February



Grieg; ‘Morning’


Pancake Tuesday;

 ‘Pancake Day’


Valentine’s Day;

 ‘There’s a little wheel a turning in my heart’



Listening to ‘Peter & The Wolf’


Feelings and emotions;

How does music make us feel?


Seachtain na Gaeilge/St. Patrick’s Day


Music for Third Term approx;

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Grant MacDonald via Compfight


Themes; New Life;

Growth in spring;

Growing things



Themes; Summer;

The sun has got his hat on


Making a percussion instrument;

paper plate tambourine, drum, shaker


‘May is the month of Mary’

‘The Bells of the Angelus’

 ‘When Creation was begun’



Themes; Water;

Sound compositions;

The Sea

The Seaside;

Beside the sea.

Under the sea


Debussy; En Bateau

Coucher de soleil à Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matthieu Luna via Compfight

Resources for teaching music;



Compilation of classical pieces





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