Irish Class Blogs – How to connect to a real audience – Part Two

Yesterday I blogged about how Irish Class Blogs

can connect with a real audience

through the aggregrate blogs EdBlogsIE and Seas Suas

or by being listed on The Class Blogs Shed on The Literacy Shed.

Otherwise blogging can feel like a solitary experience.

You can read yesterday’s post here.

Are these seats taken ???
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Methos04 via Compfight

Twitter is invaluable for making connections.

When you sign up to the aggregate blogs mentioned above,

each time you post, a tweet detailing this

appears on their twitter feed.


You might considered taking part  in

Seomra Ranga’s Signs of Autumn 

and Signs of Spring twitter projects.


Click here to read about Digital Art Week

devised by teachers Simon Lewis (,

Damien Quinn (Seomra Ranga) and Fred Boss (PDST),

which also gives class bloggers a great opportunity

to connect with other Irish class blogs.


You can contact Scoilnet, the Department of Education’s

‘portal for Irish Education’

and have your blog added to a substantial list of

Irish Schools That Blog.

Each week during the school term Scoilnet features

Scoilnet Star Site

Click on this link to Scoilnet,

if you wish to submit your site for consideration

There is a final follow up article on this topic here.


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