Irish Class Blogs – How to connect with a real audience. Part One.

With a school or class blog making connections is important.

That way your students have an authentic audience.

This is motivating and rewarding for them.

They will do their best work

when they know that they have a real audience.

Knowing one has an audience is motivating for the teacher too.


There are a number of excellent enterprises

which have been developed to promote

Irish educational or school blogs.

Sign up with them

and each time you post

your post will appear on their websites.


You could join EdBlogIE

an aggregate blog devised by Nigel Lane

‘Your one-stop shop for Irish educational blogs’,

you can sign up for EdBlogIE  here. 


Nigel Lane and Simon Lewis set up Seas Suas 

specifically for  Irish Primary Schools.

You can add your blog to Seas Suas here.


Both these sites do an excellent job of

showcasing the blogs of Irish educators

and provide a very valuable service.


Further afield Rob Smith from

the inspiring Literacy Shed invites

teachers to submit a link to their blog

to add to a list of on Class Blogs Shed.


As of today there are only six Irish blogs on this list.

Add yours and fly the flag for Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: jacquelinetinney via Compfight

Part Two of this article is here.


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