Quick Links; How To Help Your Child’s Learning Over The Summer.

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Dear Parent,


I hope you find these links useful.

This post is intended to make finding

these three posts as easy as possible;


1. Helping your child with Reading

2. Helping your child with Maths

and ‘the honours course’;

3. How you can help your child’s ‘higher order learning’ using Bloom’s Taxonomy

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PS. 1. Greystones Library is running

a ‘Reading Passport’ promotion

to encourage reading over the summer.

Why not call in and sign your child up! 


2. Finally ‘Smart Futures’ are running

a technology project competition

which may appeal to your child’s interests;

Smart Futures.ie – Competition

‘Smart Futures’  is an enterprise

which aims to introduce students

to the potential of a future

working in the areas of

science, technology,

engineering or maths.


This project involves choosing an area to study.

It could be about a career in this area or about

someone, past or present who work in this area.


To present this project

you could design a website or webpage,

‘an animation or a PowerPoint presentation, a music video or a game.’


This project is aimed at students at primary or second level.

It may appeal in particular to any student involved in working with Coder Dojo.


2 thoughts on “Quick Links; How To Help Your Child’s Learning Over The Summer.

  1. Thanks Annie. I know you’ll make good use of the ones that are of interest to you. Have a great summer. It’ll be lovely not to be too tied to the school routine. Thanks for all your co-operation, support and kindness.

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