3. How You Can Help Your Child’s ‘Higher Level Learning’ using Bloom’s Taxonomy


New Blooms Pyramid
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This is the final part of three posts

on how you can help your child’s learning over the summer.

The first post was about 1. How to help your child with Reading

the second was about 2. How to help your child with Maths

This last one is ‘the honours course’

and is about how you can help

your child’s ‘higher level learning’ using Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Bloom’s Taxonomy is

a hierarchy of levels at which we learn.

There are a list questions 

you can make use of

to develop your child’s thinking.


You can ask your child these questions,

about their reading or just when talking to them.


This list of questions begin with ones

you have already been asking your child

when working on their reading comprehension;

who? when? what? and where? 


However you will see from these links

that the list goes on, the questions get more complex

so for example;

you are asking your child ‘to compare’ or ‘evaluate’.


You might like to download this chart

(from Enokson on Flickr)

and stick it up on the fridge as a reminder

of these questions.


To be asking questions like this

may seem artificial at first

but as time goes on asking

the ‘higher order questions’

will come as second nature to you

and will benefit your child’s

‘higher order thinking’.


After extensive practice at this level,

the next step in using Bloom’s Taxonomy

would be to encourage your child to ask the questions

and to encourage them to

move from the ‘lower order’ questions;

who? where? how? and when?

to the higher order ones.


I am hoping to do a short course about this

this later in the summer,

and will post again then.


In the meantime, these links are informative.

How Blooms Taxonomy Can Encourage Children’s Critical Thinking Skills from Exquisite Minds.com

How Parents Can Use Bloom’s Taxonomy To Encourage Higher Level Learning In Their Children


Critical Thinking Skills
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Enokson via Compfight

2 thoughts on “3. How You Can Help Your Child’s ‘Higher Level Learning’ using Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. Hi. I am realy good at reading because I am on the last level of the reading in Holy Rosary.
    Do you have levels in your school?
    Frm Kyla

  2. Hi Kyla,

    Thank you for commenting.
    That is reallly interesting.
    Congratulations on doing so well at your reading.
    We don’t have levels in our school.
    When we finish our readers we read books from the library.

    We love reading.
    This year we enjoyed reading books by
    Roald Dahl, Dick King Smith, Jenny Nimmo and Jill Tomlinson.
    What is your favourite book?
    Do you have a favourite author?

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