Children’s Writing; Poetry; ‘A Villain’ by Rory

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I was tidying up my papers

at the end of the school year

and found a remarkable poem,

written by a past pupil.


‘Voltemorte’ by Rory


If he was a sound…

he would be a snake hiss.

He is the colour grey.

He is thunder and lightening.

Splintered wood.

He is a poisoned cup.

He is a thorn bush.

He would be a dark, cruel,

Winter’s night, all year round!

4 thoughts on “Children’s Writing; Poetry; ‘A Villain’ by Rory

  1. Wow, I truly got the feeling that the character you were writing about is evil. I especially liked two descriptions, first the splintered wood symbolizing something broken and destroyed and secondly the winter’s night all the time- that really makes me think of no warmth or comfort. Exactly what a villain would be like.

    Keep up the great poetry!
    Jasper Fox Sr.
    Earth Sciences Teacher
    New York, USA

  2. Thank you Mr Fox for your affirming comment
    and your detailed review of our poem.

    The poet himself, has great ability
    and powers of expression.

    We love writing poetry
    and in many ways find it easier
    and more fun than writing prose.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Thanks Cian, I’m sure Rory appreciates your compliments.
    Compliments encourage people
    and help make the world go round.
    Well done 🙂

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