Children’s Writing; Poetry; A Heroine

Spring has sprung
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Ms O’M

If she was a tree,

she would be an oak tree

because she is wise.

If she was a flower,

she would be 

cherry blossom

because she is

pretty in pink.

If she was an ice cream,

she would be chocolate mint,

because she is cool.

If she was candy,

she would be an apple drop,

because she is sweet.

If she was food,

she would be 

‘Queen of Puddings’

because she is 

the best in the world.

She is the colour gold,

because we value her.

She is sunshine all year round.


The school won’t be the same without you.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Writing; Poetry; A Heroine

  1. Thank you
    Mrs. Stacy.

    Ms’O M certainly is very special.
    Her new students will be very lucky.
    Thanks for your compliment
    about our class poem 🙂
    Thank you for visiting our blog.

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