Children’s Writing; ‘Scarlet’s Book’ – How Does It End?

This writing project started when Nicole wrote

a very interesting opening to a story,

she called ‘Scarlet’s Book’.

Armenian manuscript
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Many of the class continued on with the story here.

Now we are working on how the story might end;

Julia wrote;

Scarlet ran and ran but she tripped over a rock and went flying down the mountain. She bashed her head and she fell asleep. When she woke up she found herself in bed.  Was it all a dream? But no, she had a bump on her head. It hadn’t been a dream.

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This was JC’s idea;

When Scarlet was walking down the path through the misty forest, she suddenly heard a sound. She ran and ran. Then suddenly she stopped. There was a small stone wall in front of her. Then suddenly the book was behind her. She tried to get over the wall and failed. She tried again and got over the wall. The book floated over too. It was a race. Could Scarlet get safely home before the book? She tried to block the book, but it was too strong. The book had the spirits with it, so Scarlet called to the spirits. She hissed ‘Block the book with stones and rocks’. The spirits did as they were told. The book was blocked, but not for long. The book broke free and tried and tried to catch up with Scarlet. The book was getting closer. Scarlet was in the house, before the book. She locked the door. At last she was safe and home.

Life is a precious gift. Don't waste it being unhappy, dissatisfied, or anything else you can be
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Niamh and Shauna gave the story this ending;

Scarlet opened the book slowly. Ghosts and spirits came flying out. A gust of spirits blew Scarlet to the ground. The book gave out an evil laugh and said in a hoarse whisper, ‘You have to defeat all my spirits first. Then you have to battle ME! More spirits floated out of the book. Scarlet sighed. She was tired, but Scarlet know she had to get all the evil spirits back in the book. The first spirit Scarlet found was ‘Fire.’  Scarlet captured it and put it in the book. Scarlet collected all the evil spirits back in the book. After that everything was back to normal … Until the next time.

Combustion ...!!!
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4 thoughts on “Children’s Writing; ‘Scarlet’s Book’ – How Does It End?

  1. Hi there, glad you think so,
    but you know yourself,
    we still have to polish the story up a bit.

    Perhaps we should think about the verbs we are using
    and add some good adjectives and adverbs.

    You said yourself, that the story was ‘going to fast’.

    I think if we add all the contributions together,
    we might arrive at something like the pattern you described
    where the story goes from
    being happy
    to scary
    to a twist.

    Reading through the pieces so far, we don’t have an awful lot of ‘happy’ pieces.
    Do you agree?
    Perhaps we don’t need them.

    Glad you like the pictures,

    See you tomorrow
    and we can talk as a class about it
    and you can see what you think.

    After all, it is your idea
    that started off this story,

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