Children’s Writing; ‘Scarlet’s Book’ by Nicole

Teacher was tidying up the classroom at the end of the day.

The children had all gone home.

She found a story that Nicole had started.

She thought it was very good.

Here it is;


It was just a normal night.

Dark sky.

Violet Dreams
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Everything was just right …

until this very night.


A little girl,

called Scarlet was fast asleep.

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Suddenly Scarlet woke right up.


She saw a flash of golden light.

She leapt out of bed

and then

crept slowly,

following the golden path

she could see

in front of her.


She let herself out

through the front door

and went along the path,

through a deep forest.

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Now everyone knows

a child should not go


in the middle of the night,

by themselves.


Well Scarlet BROKE that RULE.


Then the golden light was gone.

The path was gone.


‘Why would you take me here?’,

she wondered.


Then the golden light reappeared.

It led her to a place

in the middle of the forest,

where there was a book.

 magic book cover 1
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Then a light whisper in her ear

came to her.

It said;

‘Bring back the spirits’.


Scarlet wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Maybe the answer was in the book.

She would get the book

and see what ‘Bring back the spirits’

could mean.


So she reached out for the book…

 263/365 reach out
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Teacher asked the class what they think happens next.

This is what they wrote.

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