Children’s writing; ‘If I was an animal’ by JC

If I turned into an animal for even a single day,

I would love to be

a Great White Shark


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: gaftels via Compfight


because I would be at the top of the food chain.

During that time,

I would eat



and almost everything else,

except garlic.

I would go world wide.

I would feel like Neptune,


Neptune with dancing water spirits
Photo Credit: Cornelia Kopp via Compfight


God of the deep, blue ocean.

I would feel that I was


The other sea animals would be

so, so, so

terrified of me

and even my shadow

would make them shake

in their big shoes!!!

That’s how things might be

if I were a Great White Shark

but all in all

I am just happy

being me.

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