Children’s Writing; ‘I wish I had Superpowers’ by Julia

I wish I had superpowers.

I wish I was invisible.

Then no one could see me.

No one could find me.

I would love that.

el invisible
Photo Credit: Alejandro Peters via Compfight

It’s not just the power

of being invisible,

I also wish I was SUPER WOMAN,

saving people.

Photo Credit: disfraz via Compfight

I would be famous.

I would be in the Hall of Fame.

But I am just me.


Well I do not need powers really.

I am happy.

God created me

and gave me talents.

I can sing

and I can act.

That is the way God created me.


I would love to pretend

to be a Superhero.


I wish it was really happening now.

Do you know what it is like to be a hero?

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