Children’s Writing; ‘Going back in time’ by Nicole

I would love to go back in time.

Time Machine 4
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tau Zero via Compfight

This is how I think it would happen:

Well here we go

going back in time

So where to first

I want to see how kids worked

in Victorian times.


Right we are here.

Wow, look at the children.

I am happy my life is not like that.


OK where to next

How about the rich children

in Victorian times 1,2,3

We are here.

So come with me

to see their lives.

That looks a bit better.

Victorian Boy
Photo Credit: Sean via Compfight

Oh look, they have toys

and they went to school.

I feel sorry for the poor children

Oh no here comes the kids

I better hide.

I have to hurry

before I am trapped in this time.

Well we better go 1,2,3


Wow I had a really good time.

It felt like I was really there.

Well goodbye

I really want to travel back in time now.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story.

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