Children’s Writing; ‘A Friend’ by Alice

A friend to me, is a very special person.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pankaj Kaushal via Compfight

Sometimes if a friend is mean,

you always give your friend

a 2nd chance.

One way your friend

can be mean to you

is not letting your other friends play

and leaving them out.

Nicole is my BFF

and we’ve never ever

in the whole of our lives

been mean to each other.

We are always very kind.

One very good thing

to always remember is

NEVER disagree

or if you do

talk it through

and sort it out quickly.

or else you might not be friends


2 thoughts on “Children’s Writing; ‘A Friend’ by Alice

  1. Ah…now I know. Thanks. Alice.
    Great piece of writing by the way.
    You could write more and pass them onto me in school.
    and we could put them on the blog 🙂

    If you put your name in the search box,
    every time your name is mentioned the page comes up.
    You can even hear yourself practising for the Kilcoole Feis
    from last year.

    With every good wish

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