Science: Investigating how materials may be changed by mixing.

Materials; Materials and change;

We learned how materials may be changed by mixing.


Science; Mixing 001

During the year we  investigated

how materials may be changed by mixing.

We mixed paints to make new colours.

We mixed water and sugar

and water and salt,

We talked about the ingredients

that are mixed to make pancakes.

We mixed water and baking powder

and made baking powder ‘bombs’.

You can read about that by clicking on this link.


This week we mixed fizzy lemonade …

Science; Mixing 002


and ice-cream;

Science; Mixing 003

We put icecream in cups and added fizzy lemonade:

Science; Mixing 005



The mixture bubbled up.

We made ice-cream sodas.

We drank them.

They were yummy.



2 thoughts on “Science: Investigating how materials may be changed by mixing.

  1. Wow, they look delicious! Science is in everything we do and this is a great way to show it. Lucky you!

    Here in Australia, we don’t do Science and Geography and History every week. We choose one of them per term and it’s called Inquiry. This term we have looked at the environment (Science) and next term we explore the arts and stories through History. You’ll be on holidays then I think!


  2. They were a tasty treat as we come towards the end of term.
    They were so delicious we forgot to take a photo of the actual ice cream sodas 🙂

    ‘Inquiry’ sounds like a great idea.
    From our blogging friends we are learning a lot about what school is like
    in other countries.

    In New Zealand it seems to be very practical with life skills and technology.
    Perhaps it is like that in Australia too.

    The long summer holiday follows on from a really long last term.
    Perhaps the way the school year is broke up in Australia
    and New Zealand is better.

    Great to hear from you,
    With every good wish,

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