Seaside Scavenger Hunt

We are going on a Seaside Scavenger hunt.

We will be on the look out for seals,

or porpoise

or dolphins.

We will walk down towards

the Three Trout River and

on the way back we will look for;


1. A small black pebble

2. A feather

3. A pebble with a hole in it

4. A mermaid’s purse

(dog fish egg case

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Gary Tanner via Compfight

or whelk egg case)

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Duca di Spinaci via Compfight

5. A limpet (or part of)

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: mll via Compfight

6. A mussel (or part of)

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ashley rose, via Compfight

7. A whelk (or part of)

Neptunea sp.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Rockman of Zymurgy via Compfight

8. Something beautiful

9. Some sea lettuce

Photo Credit: Bernadette Hubbart via Compfight

10. A sea belt

Sea belt kelp on Traigh na Doirlinn
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: jsutcℓiffe via Compfight

11. Some bladder wrack

Bladderwrack in water
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: SomeDriftwood via Compfight

12. Something that makes a noise

13. A small white pebble

14. A pink flower

15. Something soft

16. A yellow flower

17. Something important in nature

(Everything in nature is important!)

18. A small grey pebble

19. Any part of a crab

20. Something that reminds you of yourself

21. A white flower

22. A sun trap (This is anything that captures the sun’s heat)

23. More than 100 of something!

24. Something that the sea has changed

25. A creature’s home (make sure it is empty).

26. Something round

27. A big smile


At the end we will leave what we have found on the beach.

We will:

‘Leave only footprints. Take only memories’.


We also have plans for games with the parachute.

dari ripple in south beloit illinois
Photo Credit: jim simonson via Compfight

We’ll have a sing song.

We will play circle games like

‘Ship’s cat and mouse’

‘Captain Black’s Magic Handshake’

Aye, aye Captain

Ship, sea, shore

and Sticky Toffee.

We have a message in bottle that we will throw into the sea.

Monochrome message in a bottle
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jens Auer via Compfight

4 thoughts on “Seaside Scavenger Hunt

  1. It sounds like an amazing trip and I was very impressed with a ‘Mermaids Purse’ which I had never seen before. How cold will the water be? Will you be able to paddle in it, or not allowed because it is a trip? Will be looking forward to seeing the pictures of your experience.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  2. Thank you. This is an annual event in 2nd Class, Room 6 and we always enjoy it 🙂

  3. Thanks. Our day went very well. We had great fun.
    No treasure though 😉 but were glad not to meet any pirates either.

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