Supplementary Homework in Maths

Here are a dozen links to Maths Activities

that you might like to try:


Many of these games were sourced from 

Maths Primary National Strategy – Maths Activities

This is easy; practising ‘counting on’ with 

Online ‘Snakes and Ladders’

Snakes and Ladders
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: John Johnston via Compfight

As an alternative to the

Balloon Popping Game to practice tables,

you can practice addition tables on Circus Climber


This activity teaches about Data


These are more challenging:

Practising computation with

Swimming Lengths

Long Jump



Reading measure with Javelin Throwing


Measuring angles;

estimating or using an online protractor with Sailing


Practicing Addition using ‘Who Wants To Be A Mathionaire?’


This is a more challenging game;

 ‘Who Wants to Be A Mathonaire?’

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Steve Berry via Compfight

Like the game Mastermind this is an online game

called Code Breaker

Here is another version from Creativity

6 thoughts on “Supplementary Homework in Maths

  1. The snakes and ladders game was fun. I won my game. The swimming and the long jump game was so fun too but I lost that game.

  2. Great Fiona, so glad that you are making use of the websites on this post.
    Your comment was well written too. Well done 🙂

  3. Hello and dia duit. I played the snakes and ladders game today
    and guess what?
    Yup I won against the computer.
    Oh yeh and yar har!

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