School Reports – Building a Child’s Self Confidence in Themselves.

Teacher has been very busy writing school reports.

In order to prepare us to be able to

understand these reports better,

She played a guessing game with us.
PE: C+
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She read us all the ‘best bits’ from our reports

from Junior Infants,

Senior Infants

and First.

We had to guess who she was talking about.


We talked about the meanings of words like




and ‘infectious’.

Shane was able to tell us that 

‘infectious’ means the same as ‘contagious’!

Sweet Smiles
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You may wonder what the word


was doing in a school report!

Well some teachers said that

the students’  SMILES were ‘infectious’.


We also learned the meaning of phrases like

‘managing comfortably’ 


‘has a great work ethic’.

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It would appear that

the students in 

2nd class Room 6

have always been 

bubbly 😀

Prince Charming and Cinderalla
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and charming!


Some things said about the students

in 2nd Class Room 6

when added together

would make it very easy 

for us to do some detective work

and to narrow down

what student we might be

hearing about.


Phrases like:

‘excels at PE’,

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‘a talented actress’,

111208_7435_5D_Kaylas 2nd School Play
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‘a wonderful singer’,

‘a great memory for new vocabulary’,

♥ Photography ♥
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‘loves language’ and

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‘a phenomenal mathematician’.


For that reason Teacher only read out

these ‘give away’ phrases

when we had guessed correctly

who this person might be.


It was great to hear all the positive things 

teachers had said about us since Junior Infants.

It made us feel good about ourselves 

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Teacher didn’t read out our reports for this year.

They are going to be a surprise …

a good surprise!

♥ Mail Man ♥
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It will be the best report we ever got.

This is because we are more 


and grown up

and intelligent

this year.

I'm Smart Kent County Girls on the Run April 06, 20101
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She said our grown ups will be able 

to frame them

and to photocopy them

and send them to family and friends.


So where do we go from here?

Well next week we are going to write our own reports.

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And the week after…

for fun…

we are going to write reports for

Meet Horrid Henry this February half term
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Horrid Henry

or Perfect Peter

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or perhaps My Naughty Little Sister.

Teacher will post some of this work on the blog.

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