Information for Parents about Sports Day

1. Sports Day takes place in Eire Og.

If it is raining a text will be sent out advising parents that Sports Day has been cancelled and school will be as normal.

2. Please drop your child to Rugby Club by 8.45 at the latest. Roll call at Eire Og will be at 9.00 sharp and within minutes the children will be assembled in their teams and will have dispersed to try the various activities around the grounds.

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Late arrivals would find it difficult to find their team with so many children in the field and this can cause upset.

3. Eire Og could not accommodate all your cars so please drop your child, or park at the Rugby Club.

Some teachers will need to park in Eire Og as they have heavy sports equipment.

There will be supervision crossing road to Eire Og.

4. No valuables please.

5. Sun screen,

perhaps a sun hat,

and a light rain jacket is advisable.

Children to wear their school tracksuit,

perhaps their shorts.

Two water bottles recommended.

Lunch in secure lunch box or bag.

Seagulls have raided plastic bags for lunches in the past.

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6. Children’s medicine (inhalers etc.) from the office will be brought to the field by staff.

If your child suffers from hay fever, you might like to take precautions before they set out.

7. Please collect your child between 1 and 1.15.

Please check your child out with teacher before leaving the field.

Once again no parking at Eire Og.

Plenty of parking at Rugby Grounds.

We are looking forward to a great day.

Planned activities include;

soccer, dodge ball, hurling,

baseball, tag rugby, ultimate frisby,

target games and the obstacle course.

Thanking you for your co-operation.

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