‘The Adventure Of A Cardboard Box’

Here are two videos on Vimeo

about recycling which we enjoyed in class.


Both videos are about recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Box
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Douglas Porter via Compfight

Both feature boys of eight or nine years of age.

The first one, is fictional

and the second one really happened.

Which is your favourite?

The Adventure of A Cardboard Box

How many ways does the hero in this video

use the box?


The 2nd video is about this boy.

His name is Caine.
Caine's Arcade at the Exploratorium
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Exploratorium via Compfight

Caine’s Arcade


Did you ever make anything out of a cardboard box?

If you want to know what happened next, take a look at

Caine’s Arcade 2

Thanks to Louise Brooks, a primary school teacher in Brisbane, Australia for letting us know about ‘The Adventures of A Cardboard Box’ and Ms. Norton’s class also from Australia who told us about Caine’s Arcade 🙂

2 thoughts on “‘The Adventure Of A Cardboard Box’

  1. Yes Caine is inspiring alright.
    Have you ever tried to make an arcade game out of cardboard?

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