Student Blogging Challenge 2013

We have just completed a ten week Student Blogging Challenge.

365.14 (Blogging)
Photo Credit: Kim Piper Werker via Compfight

Participating in this international challenge was hard work.

It was challenging sometimes to get our ‘homework’

handed in by the end of the week,


but it improved our blogging skills and our blog.

and brought us into contact with other students blogging

all over the world.


We learned many skills on this challenge but the one that had

most impact was learning how to use Compfight to access

images relevant to our work quickly while observing

the rules of copyright. This has made a big different to our

blog as you can see if you compare our work before we learnt

how to use Compfight in

Week 4 Student Blogging Challenge – Adding Images Using Compfight

at the end of March 2013 and the quality and amount of images

we used before that.


The Student Blogging Challenge is run twice a year and is

co-ordinated by a very busy and dedicated

former teacher from Hobart, Tasmania.


As you can see from this link, we received an honourable

mention for our work: Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – Great Blogging Posts


We would recommend the Student Blogging Challenge wholeheartedly

as enjoyable, educational and a way to connect with other students who blog globally.

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