Schools Competition: This is the future we see for Dublin

We entered a competition run by Dublin City Council about the future we see for Dublin.

We wrote an essay …

The Future of Dublin

This is the future that we see for Dublin.  

If we use sun power,


and pedal power

we can improve the transport system in our capital city.


Transport need not all be at ground level.

Windpowered transport would fly above the city with sun powered vehicles.

Wheeled transport and pedal power would move at ground level.

Some transport could travel underneath the ground. Boats would travel along the river.

All vehicles would be light weight and designs would be good.

 Further in the Future of Dublin


With the transport at three levels:

 above the city,

 on the ground

 and below the ground,

 traffic jams would be history.


With transport being powered by the sun,

the wind

and pedal power,

traffic would not make noise.

Nor would there be the smell of petrol

and exhaust fumes.

Dublin in the Sunshine

In this way it will be more attractive for people to cycle

and to walk in the city of Dublin.

People will be healthier and more fit and they will be happier.


Dublin will be greener and cleaner.

There will be no pollution from cars and lorries.

Nature and wildlife will return to Dublin and the river.


Evening in Dublin


Parking of these new vehicles would be in the underground

and multi-storey car parks that are already there, 

but outdoor carparks can be turned into parks where people can walk and sit.

Trees and plants will grow happily.


Dublin will be the same in ways.

The Spire and the Custom House will still be there.

But we will build on the beauty of the city.

It will be a capital city to be even more proud of.

Tourists will visit to see what has been achieved.

This is the future we see for Dublin.

Morning in Dublin 

And then we wrote a poem:

We can see Dublin in the future.

We hear the gentle traffic hum.

We taste success .

We smell fresh air.

We touch the heart of the city.


We see the bright spire.

We hear happy talk.

We taste an energy.

We smell clean water.

We touch the soul of the city.


A light, bright Dublin

Shiny like a new coin

Strong and green like an oak tree.

Sparkling like the Liffey in the sun


We would like to go there now.

The sooner, the better.

We hope it is not a long journey.

If we start now,

We will get there quicker.


‘Well done’ the children will say.

Let’s keep it this way!

We say goodbye to noise pollution.

And so long …

to dirt and grime.

We say slán leat …

to lead poisoning

And fáilte romhat …

to a bright new day.

We worked collaboratively and we illustrated our work using an online digital tool called Scribbler.

Nightime in Dublin


Congratulations and Well Done

to Fourth Class, Griffith Barracks MDNS.  

You can read their imaginative and innovative ideas here

2 thoughts on “Schools Competition: This is the future we see for Dublin

  1. I loved reading your work about Dublin and the future and I will make sure that I share this with my class tomorrow… Wait I’ve just realised how we can completed our Irish display about your school on our wall in our classroom! I will publish it and put it up as part of the display then we will take a photo and send it through. Thanks, and we will share but of course Dublin sounds wonderful, hopefully it will inspire our students to visit it one day.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Indeed perhaps your students may visit one day.
    The world is getting to be a much smaller place 🙂

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