Green Schools: Biodiversity Action Day in School Tomorrow

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Welcome to the outside world
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matt Mallett via Compfight

In school we are following Derek Mooney’s ‘Nest Watch’ (RTE Radio).

At last count the Mother Blue Tit has laid six eggs. I am putting the 

Link here to Derek Mooney’s Nestwatch so you can find it easily.

14 thoughts on “Green Schools: Biodiversity Action Day in School Tomorrow

  1. Hello I love baby birds, but hate this blog.

    Children rock though.

    Just kidding …

    I love the blog

  2. I’m actually JJSK.

    I’m in your class.

    Find out who I am.

    I really love the blog.

    I was just messing!

  3. Well I like the way JJSK keeps your digital footprint a secret!

    But I think I know which student you are.

  4. Fly my pretties, fly.
    Why did they not fledge?
    Fly please

    I’m gonna go eat an apple now
    Aka packet of crisps

  5. Thanks for reminding me JK.
    I must check have they left the nest yet.
    Enjoy your snack.
    Sounds tastier than a juicy caterpillar anyway 😉

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