Green Schools: Online Games that teach about Food Chains

What's the worry? Ecosystems are for kids.
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We are working on earning our Biodiversity Flag for Green Schools.

We used this great game today to learn about Food Chains.

Sheppard Software Food Chain Game

We also learned about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores

Animal Diet Game

There are even more educational and interesting games here:

Sheppard Software Games for Kids

We like working up the levels on this one:

Build a Food Chain from

As usual BBC Bitesize has an excellent activity

to help us understand food chains.

BBC Bitesize Food Chain Game

Just remember that the video at the end

is only available in the UK.

Also from the BBC is this one:

BBC Science Clips on Interdependence Game

This one is also very interesting.

We scored 30.

Could you do better?

How could we improve?

Puzzling Caret – Balance the Food Chain

The above one is set in Sunny Meadows.

This one is set in the Rainforest

Revolution Caret – Rainforest Ecosystem

The following is a clever game

because you can see what happens

if an animal is taken out of the food chain.

Chain Reaction from Eco Kids

This one is much more challenging (for Senior Classes really)

but it shows you how complicated a food chain is.

No need to log in. Just click ‘skip’.

Food Chain Game from Cool

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