We LOVE reading books by Jenny Nimmo

A book we really enjoyed was

‘The Snow Spider’ by Jenny Nimmo

jewels of spider
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We also loved her book ‘Emlyn’s Moon’.

The bird and the moon II
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Other books by this author

that we have read include

‘Tom and the Pterosaur’

22062010 - 027 Southbank Royal Festival Hall - Pterosaurs
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‘The Owl Tree’,

Solid Standing
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‘The Stone Mouse’

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and ‘The Dog Star’

Orion and Jupiter over the Forest
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but Jenny Nimmo has written many, many more.


It is interesting to know more about

the author of a book that you enjoy.


What makes them the person they are today.

Why may they write about certain things

and in a certain way.


Jenny was born on 15th January 1944.

She was an only child.

Her father died when she was five

so there was just her and her mother at home.

So she grew up on her uncle’s free-range chicken farm.

the race is on!
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Jenny was sent away to boarding school when she was only six.

She didn’t like this,  when she went to a secondary school.

Happily her talents as an actress were encouraged.

A family friend was the famous ballerina,

Dame Ninette de Valois,

De Notenkraker
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so she was taken to the ballet a lot too.


At school, Jenny was quiet

but she loved to make people laugh.

Jenny loved reading and writing.

She read all the books in the junior school library

so when she was just nine,

she had to get permission to join the senior school library.

Tome Reader
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She  now lives in the country side in Wales

with her husband, who is an artist.

Her children are grown up.


Everyday she feeds all the chickens, rabbits and cats,

and then she starts writing.

She writes in pencil

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and redrafts and edits as she goes along.

When she’s sure she has made all the changes,

she lets her husband read the story

and then types it up for her publisher.


Many of her books are about ‘magic’

in real life situations and we LOVE reading them.

君は my long lost friend
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