The 1000 Question Challenge – The First 100 Prompts

The 1,000 Question Mega Challenge

Read the question.

Then write an answer

using the question as part of the answer

as you have been shown in school.

Use a page of your copybook for each question.

Draw a smiley face 🙂 if you really enjoyed

answering a particular question.

For example:

Question: What is your favourite animal?

Answer: My favourite animal is the dog.

I love dogs because they are good friends to people.

They are loyal and faithful.

Do not just answer ….. ‘Dog’


Draw a sad face 🙁 if you thought

the question wasn’t a very interesting one.


Colour in a square of the hundred square provided

each time you answer a question.

When you have 100 questions answered

you can move on to the next level.

Level One.

1. What did you do during the holidays?

2. What is your favourite animal?

3. What do you wish for?

4. Tell me about your family?

5. What do you like to do on the weekend?

Write about…

6. Your favourite toy

7. Something you have made

8. Your favourite computer game

9. What you want to be when you grow up

10. Your favourite sport

11. If you had super powers…..

12. Your favourite and least liked food

13. The best present you have ever received

14. The scariest thing that ever happened to you

15. The strangest dream you ever had

16. Your favourite subject at school

17. Your favourite movie

18. Your favourite television show

19. If you could wish for 3 things what would they be?

20. If you were an animal, what would you be?

21. What was the best book that you ever read?

22. What you would do if you could change the world?

23. If you were the leader of the government what would you do?

24. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

25. Name some things that you do very well

26. Who is your favourite singer?

27. What is your favourite song?

28. What is the best thing about school?

29. What is the best thing about holidays?

30. What do you know a lot about?

Now write about

31. How you help around the house

32. Games you play with your friends

33. A joke that makes everybody laugh

34. A “knock, knock” joke

35. Something you don’t understand

36. Games you like to play

37. Your best birthday ever

38. Your favorite family story

39. Some amazing facts you know

40. Book characters you’d like to meet

41. A place you’d like to visit

42. A song that means a lot to you

43. What if you were the teacher?

44. What this school really needs . . .

45. If you were principal for the day what would you do?

46. An unforgettable dream

47. The most fun you’ve had recently

48. If you could be someone else, who would you be?

49. The hardest thing you’ve ever done

50. A trip on a rocket ship

You are half way to your first 100. Well done.

51. Things that are not a good idea !

52. A day in the rain forest

53. Buying something with your own money

54. A kind thing some one said to you

55. The last time you laughed

56. The funniest zoo animal

57. Your favourite board game

58. If you could fly

59. What invention would you like to see in your lifetime?

60. What if there was no electricity?

61. Something you wish would happen

62. Some things you like about the museum

63. A trip in a submarine

64. A special photograph

65. A cartoon character you like

66. Your favorite clothes

67. What machine would you like to invent

68. The worst food you ever ate

69. A time in history you would have liked to live in.

70. What different colors mean to you

What if …

71…. there were no colors except white?

72… children were the parents?

73… we had no pencils?

74… there were no clocks?

75… we had no guards?

76… we went to school at night?

77… there were only children in the world?

78… there were no school at all?

79… it never stopped raining?

80… we had no cars?

81… insects were as big as people?

82… there were no books?

83… our parents never said ‘no’?

84… there were no music?

85… we were never hungry?

86… we all looked the same?

87 … we didn’t have holidays?

88 … smiling was against the law?

89 … every wish came true?

90 … the world was flat?

91 … we never recycled anything?

92… people could fly?

93… there was no gravity?

94… no one had manners?

95… there were no teachers?

96… our shadows were alive?

97… there were no wars?

98… we used cookies instead of money?

99… trees grew candy?

100… we never slept?

Well done. You have completed Level One!

Level Two is here.!


Having said that, since I wrote this post

I have found an even better resource: Thinking Cards:

a free resource from TES.

You can find them on page 4 of this excellent website:

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