We also enjoyed Anne Fine’s ‘The Angel of Nitshill Road’

The main characters in ‘The Angel of Nitshill Road’ were

Celeste the new girl,

My Little Angel
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Barry Hunter, who was the bully

Wayne and Steven who helped him.

Lisa, who is a sensible girl.

Mark, Penny and Marigold who were being bullied.

Mr. Fairway, the teacher.


In this book Celeste solves

a bullying situation at Nitshill Road School

and turns it into a happier and fairer school.


Nicole explains:

Celeste finds three unhappy kids in Nitshill Road

and she makes life better for them.

 Bully Free Zone
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Nicole thought that this book was great.

She liked the way she always wanted to know

what was going to happen next.

What she really liked about the book

is that there are different ‘moods’ in it,

depending on what is happening in the plot.

Nicole also thinks that the author Jenny Nimmo

makes good use of words.


Julia thought that Celeste acted very strangely

She liked the part where Celeste first came to the school.


Niamh said that this was one of the best books

that she has ever read.

Her favourite part was when

Celeste called Penny chubby

because she meant no harm by it

and was actually trying to be helpful.

Niamh thought that it was

a super book.


Tadhg said that he really really liked the book.

His favourite part was when Barry Hunter

was taught a lesson.

He was left alone

because he was bullying the other children.

Tadhg said he learned that it is important

to make a good start at a new school.


Max said that he liked the book.

His favourite part was when Celeste

bit Barry Hunter on the leg,

because sometimes it is funny to read about

something bold another child might do,

even though you might not do it yourself.


Amy said that she loved the book

She learnt that it is not a good idea

to bite anyone on the leg.


Nicole said that she learned that

there is always a solution to a problem


Rebecca thought  

Celeste was very cheeky to her teacher Mr Fairway,

but perhaps this was important because

Mr Fairway was not looking after the children in his class.

He was letting the bullies get away with being mean.


Fiona favourite part was when Celeste

let everyone use her special golden pen

even the bully, Barry Hunter.


Senan on the other hand

would not recommend this book

because he says

when you think about it

Celeste does not put a stop to the bullying properly.

Senan says: ‘Do not try this at school or at home kids!

It would have been better to tell the teacher

instead of taking the law into your own hands.


Zac agrees he said that the solution

made no sense for making things better.


We found it interesting to ‘make connections’ between

this book and ‘The Dog Star’ by Jenny Nimmo

as we had questions about Celeste and who she was, really.

The author drops hints that show

there may be more to Celeste

than we think when we meet her first.

We also wondered about

who the ‘Dog Star’ really was too.

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