Procedural Writing: What we did today in Art.

Great attention to detail Matthew. At 1st glance it’s hard to tell what’s original & which parts you added. Well done.

What we did today in Art:

First we chose a picture from an old calendar.

Then we took a ruler and pencil 

and ruled vertical lines 

as wide as the width of the ruler.

Then we cut along these lines

and cut the picture into strips.

We glued the strips down in the correct order

on a larger sheet of white paper

being careful to leave space between the strips.

We looked at the pictures and the colours in them.

We selected colours we would use

that would match these colours.

We drew in the white strips on the page

and coloured them in, to complete the picture.

We admired our work

and that of our friends.

This is also very good JC. Excellent observation and attention to detail. It turned out well.

2 thoughts on “Procedural Writing: What we did today in Art.

  1. Matthew and JC
    I love the Art, such a wonderful idea and so creative with your art. Matthew I couldn’t believe that you had added anything to the calendar art when I first saw it, because of the quality of what you have produced. I had to really look twice before I could recognise the parts that you had added and they looked so realistic!
    JC I loved the blue that you had added with the sea dominating your picture. Such great art.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  2. Matthew says:
    Thank you . Maybe you could try it with your class. All you need is some old calendars and some crayons.
    Lovely to get a compliment about my art all the way from New Zealand.

    JC says: Thank you for your very nice comment. It made me feel really happy about the art I had done.

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