Who knew that Procedural Writing could be such fun!

We are continuing with our work in the area of procedural writing.

The children chose what they wanted to write about from this list:

Procedural Writing Prompts from Worksheetplace.com.

To start with we used this template:

Simple Template for Procedural Writing from Worksheetplace.com

PE: C+
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Esther Simpson via Compfight

How to get a good report card by Nicole

First you have to be on time in school.

Next always have your homework done.

Then listen to the teacher when she is talking

Last I hope this will help.

How to get better at reading by Nicole

Belinha had enough
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Francisco Martins via Compfight

First you need a good book to read,

one that is not too long

and not too short.

Next make time to read

and read everyday.

Then read loads of books.

Read in a quiet place.

How to Make Non Bake Chocolate Treats by Niamh

Chocolate Scotcheroos
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matt via Compfight

First you melt some chocolate,


golden syrup

and cocoa powder.

Next you crush some biscuits into chunks.

Then you mix them together and flatten it into a tray.

Last you put it in the fridge for about forty minutes

and when they are set put melted chocolate on top.


(Sounds delicious Niamh :))

How to use a self service checkout by Shauna.

Trolley rage!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sally Crossthwaite via Compfight

First press start.

Next scan your club card if you have one.

Then scan your items.

Last insert your cash or card into the machine

and collect your items and receipt.

How to Pump up a Bicycle Tyre by JC.

the lonely bicycle
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bernat Casero via Compfight

First buy a bicycle pump.

Next attach the pump nozzle to the valve in the wheel.

Then start pumping by moving the handle forward

and back to inflate the tyre.

Then when the tyre is hard

twist the pump (the bottom) and put on the nozzle.

Last its time to ride and hope you don’t fall off.

How to Score a Goal by Jake 

Let's play! | Bora jogar!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Fillipi Pamplona via Compfight

First check how you are going to get into the clear

then run with the ball.

Next check your position,

make sure you have possession of the ball.

Then shoot the ball at the goal

and not the goal keeper.

Last now you have scored a goal you can celebrate.

How to Tie your Shoelace by Shane 

making bunny ears
Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks via Compfight

First take both laces

and pull them really hard.

Next cross the laces

and then get one of the laces

and loop it under the cross.

Then get one lace and make a loop

with your thumb and loop the other.

Last lace around it and pull hard

and you’ve tied your lace.

You can read our earlier work in procedural writing here.

Thanks again to Eoin of TY for typing these up for us.

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