Examples of our procedural writing. We have just started, so it is early days.

Procedural Writing

How to build a snowman

by Shane

What A Wonderful Life
Photo Credit: Scott Robinson via Compfight


First it has to be a really snowy day.

Then make three snowballs.

One should be small, then middle and large.

Then you should stack them from the largest

to the middle to the smallest.

Then get a carrot for his nose sticks

for his arms and buttons or coal for his eyes.

How to be a friend

by Clara

this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ferran Jordà via Compfight

First you say hi and what is your name?

Next you say your own name.

Then you ask them to play a game.

Last you play a game with her.

How to make the best of a rainy day

by Jack K

Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar via Compfight

First wait for it to rain.

Next get some indoor toys

Then go to our blog.

Last click a link and have fun.

How to be a good friend

by Nicole

enjoying the dusk.... 1 year on flickr!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bernat Casero via Compfight

First to be a good friend

you need to pick a friend

that will stick together with you

and will like you no matter what.

Next you have to be brave

and not afraid to ask if they will play with you.

Don’t pick a bad friend that will be bossy.

Don’t judge people how they look too.

Last pick someone that you are good with.

You can’t force other people to like you.

The children chose what they wanted to write about from this list:

Procedural Writing Prompts from Worksheetplace.com.

To start with we used this template:

Simple Template for Procedural Writing from Worksheetplace.com


You can read some more of our procedural writing here:

Who knew that procedural writing could be so much fun!

Thanks to Eoin of TY who typed this all out for us 🙂

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