Communion Preparation: We will learn about the ‘Passover’ meal.

On May 2nd some visitors are coming to school to present

the ‘Seder’ or Passover meal to both 2nd classes.

 seder plate
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Traditionally this is a joyful family dinner

which is held in the homes of Jews at Passover.


Through this ceremony,

we learn about the history of the Jewish people.


Our visitors will bring flat bread or matzah crackers,

Passover - Shalom
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parsley or watercress,

horse radish,

haroset (applesauce mixed with nuts),

eggs and juice.


The story of Passover is not only told in words.

It is also told by the food on the table.

  • Bitter herbs let us know how bitter and hard the Jews found their time as slaves in Egypt.
  • Charoset is a paste made of apple and nuts. It stands for the mud bricks which the Jewish slaves were forced to make.
  • A hardboiled egg reminds Jews of their new life of freedom.

On the table there is also flatbread, salt water and wine.

When the Jews escaped from Egypt,

Crossing the Red Sea
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they did not have time to bake proper bread

and could only make the bread that did not have time to rise.

Salt water reminds Jews of the tears which the slaves shed.


The meal ends with a search for a piece of flatbread which,

earlier on, has been hidden.


The meal will take about two hours.

The children do not eat much,

as the food is mostly mentioned is in small quantities

and is not to everyone’s taste.

It is fun. There is a lot of singing and high spirits.

The enjoyment of the celebration brings the children closer together.

It is a high point of the Communion class year.

The reason that 2nd class gets this opportunity

is that it gives them a better understanding of Communion.

Last Supper
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As you know, at the Last Supper

when Jesus took bread and broke it

and said, ‘This is my body’

this was at the Passover meal

in the Upper Room, in Jerusalem.

Take and Eat
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 We are looking forward to it.

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