Using ‘Seasaws’ – Art Activity for Digital Art Week 2013

We are participating in Digital Art Week

To start the week we made seaside collages online.


When you use:

‘Seasaws’ – online art activity from National Gallery of Art (Washington)

you can make pictures of the sea and shore.


We like this because we live beside the sea.

5 thoughts on “Using ‘Seasaws’ – Art Activity for Digital Art Week 2013

  1. Hi my names Cathy from Boise,Idaho.

    We aren’t very close to the sea we live in a desert.
    I’m not sure if I spelled that right.
    I seen your post that you written to me I like it a lot.
    Anyway I’m not sure what it would be like to live by the ocean.
    Tell me what it’s like to live near the ocean.

  2. Dear Cathy, Sorry for not replying sooner but our Teacher was sick.

    You live in the desert. We think that is fascinating.

    We are happy to tell you that you spelt ‘desert’ right.

    If you had put another ‘s’ in ‘desert’ you would have said that

    you live in a ‘dessert’. That would be funny.

    We are glad that you liked our comment.

    We will tell you what it is like to live beside the sea.

    In Winter it is cold and windy.

    The sea has a salty and seaweedy smell.

    It is refreshing to live beside the sea.

    On a windy day the wind whips up the sand

    and it blows in your eyes and in your face.

    We bet you know what that is like from the desert.

    On warm sunny days the sea cools us down.

    We are going to ‘google’ Boise Idaho now

    and see what it looks like

    and we will visit your blog again sometime soon.

    With every good wish

    2nd Class Room 6

  3. Thanks for coming to our blog!!!!!!!!!
    We showed it to all my class mates.
    They loved it, we would love to hear from your students.
    Again a thousand thanks come back soon.


  4. Thank you too.
    We agree,
    we love getting
    comments on our blog
    from near
    or far
    and Boise, Idaho, USA
    in the desert
    seems a world away
    from Greystones,
    Ireland, by the sea
    where it often rains
    and the world is very green.
    With every good wish
    2nd Class Room 6

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