Class Project on Saint Francis of Assisi

We did a project on St. Francis of Assisi.

Our seraphic father St Francis
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We did this because this the name

that the new Pope Francis chose,

when he became Pope.

San Pietro (Rome)
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This is what we learned:

St. Francis was born over 800 years ago.

We learned that when he was young Francis was happy.

This was because he had a Mum who loved him.

He had a comfortable home.

He was handsome and had many friends.

His father was rich.

He bought and sold cloth.

The family lived in Assisi.

Assisi is a small town on a hill, in Italy.

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So as a young man Francis spent

most of his time with his friends

and horse riding.

At that time, there was fighting in Italy.

Francis was an adventurous knight.

Knights Castle
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In 1201 he was part of an army that attack

a nearby town, Peruga.


However, his side lost.

Francis was taken prisoner.

He spent a year in prison.

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During that time, he was ill.

He thought about his life.

One day, after he had left prison,

he was walking near a church called San Damiano.

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The church was ruined and broken down.

He  seemed to hear Jesus speak to him.

He heard him say:

‘Francis, rebuild my broken church’.

St. Francis was known for his love of animals.


St. Francis of Assisi
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He had a pet wolf.

He cared for the poor.

He left his fine clothes and his riches.

He lived simply.

Other young men joined him in this life.

He started an order of monks.

They are called the Franciscans.

They lived very simply.

He had a friend called Clare.

She wanted to live simply too.

She was joined by other women.

They became the Poor Clares.

St Francis preaching to the birds
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4 thoughts on “Class Project on Saint Francis of Assisi

  1. Dear Dijana

    Thank you for your friendly and encouraging comment on our project.

    We remembered from before that you are a big fan of wolves.

    We thing this is an original and interesting interest of yours.

    Would you like to have a pet wolf or

    do you think it is kinder to let them live in the wild

    With every good wish,
    2nd Class Room 6

  2. I thinks its better to leave them in the wild…
    But I would love to have a pet wolf,
    even half wolf. I just find them interesting.

    Dijana from Canada

  3. Yes Dijana we mostly agree with you.
    We had a vote
    and more children in the class
    thought it was kinder to
    leave them in the wild
    rather than have them
    as a pet.
    We think you have a pretty
    and unusual name.
    There are no Dijanas in this
    school and we have never met
    one or heard that name before.
    Have a good day,
    2nd Class Room 6

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