Art Activity: Aliens in their habitat

Earlier in the year we turned our names into aliens.

Art Activity: Turning our names into aliens.

Now we have given them a habitat.

2 thoughts on “Art Activity: Aliens in their habitat

  1. Hello this is Wattana & Damien and we are asking your school to please help us we are comparing other school canteen with ours and we want you to send us your canteen menu or send us a link. Our Student Councillors are changing our canteen menu.
    Damien and Wattana Room 5 Melville Intermediate School Hamilton

  2. Hi Wattana and Damien, Would you believe that it is not traditional in Ireland to have school dinners. School canteens are very rare. Perhaps there may be some in a few private schools. But in national schools there are no canteens. We bring lunches to school. Your project sounds very interesting and you are doing very thorough research,
    With every good wish
    2nd Class, Room 6 and Teacher.

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