Week 4: Student Blogging Challenge 2013: Adding images using Compfight

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013


This is the fourth week and

this week’s Blogging Challenge’

gives us the ‘freedom to choose’

what we, 2nd Class, Room 6

want to write about.


You can read about this week’s challenge

if you click on this link 🙂


This week we are asked

to use images in our post

and were advised how to install

and use Compfight


We had learned about Creative Commons

From The Edublogger: Guide to Copyright Fair Use and Creative Commons

and we had heard a very interesting

story about a boy who got into bother when

he used a very ordinary picture

of a slice of salami

without permission

so we are always very careful

about using images on this blog.


Mostly we use ones

we have made ourselves.

But when we have used other people’s

we have always used

Creative Commons and

are always careful to say

who the picture really belongs to.


Well the children in 2nd Class Room 6

really love writing.

When given the opportunity to write

about something they like to write about

of course they always write about

something they are very interested in.

For example here are two very different stories

written by students in 2nd Class Room 6

The first one is

“Star Wars”

by Zac Berry

Chapter One

Milky Way / Via Láctea
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Chaval Brasil via Compfight

Commander Rex was guarding his ship.

It seemed it would be a quiet day,

but then the Commander saw some enemy ships

heading for the sun.

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Sciami via Compfight

There was a huge laser cannon

on the back of one of the ships.

That worried Commander Rex.

He guessed that the commanders

of the enemy ships planned

to use the cannon to shoot the sun

so they could control the whole world

and all the planets.

Chapter Two

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

Commander Rex called his clone troopers

to board the enemy ships

and to shoot down any that tried to escape.

The enemy ships saw Commander Rex’s fleet coming

and they decided that

they would shoot them down first.

Photo Credit: Mike via Compfight

Then, Commander Rex called in

the star fighter torpedo cannons

to shoot down the enemy ships.

They succeeded in that mission.

Chapter Three

Finding balance
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kristina Alexanderson via Compfight

Commander Rex went down to the prisoners

from the enemy ships to find out what

the enemby ship captains were up to.

He asked them to speak up and tell him

what they were doing.

A New Era
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

No one confessed so Commander Rex

took them all prisoner

until he worked out what to do with them.

As they left the room an envelope

fell out of one of their pockets.

Google's Master Plan
Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

In the envelope was the whole plan.

It said that the protector droids

would come and shoot Commander Rex’s ship.

Luckily Commander Rex was alerted to this plan.

So the friendly airships were alerted also.

They're here.....
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ross Pollack via Compfight

They came in and flattened the protecter droids.

And so ends another successful mission

by Commander Rex.

Super Troopers!
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

The second story is called

“The Magical Tree”

and it is by Nicole

Snow balls
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight

Chapter One

Once on a magical day,

there was a girl called Holly.

She went for a walk in the magical forest.

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

She saw an enormous tree.

There was a small door,

small enough to fit a little girl like Holly .

She went for a closer look.

She leaned down to see the door and stumbled in.

The Chamber of Secrets
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Justin Kern via Compfight

She found herself in an old castle

as old as her Dad.

She met a girl and her name was Isobel.

Isobel gave Holly a tour of the castle.

Holly was not paying attention

and went through another door.

Chapter Two

Birthday Cake and candy sprinkles free creative commons
Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight

She found herself in a land of sweets.

She found lollipops, candycorn and popcorn trees.

Suddenly she saw a nutcracker.

Happy Christmas To All Boots (and family of Boots too)
Photo Credit: Randy Robertson via Compfight

He marched up to her and said

“What are you doing here?”

He locked her up in the dungeon of rotten sweets.

Suddenly she saw yet another door in the dungeon wall.

Stair in Bussana Vecchia
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marco Bernardini via Compfight

Chapter Three

She heard a noise.

It was a dragon

Photo Credit: Mohammed Alnaser via Compfight

“Help help!” said the dragon,

“What’s wrong?” said Holly.

“The Nutcracker locked me up in a cage.

The only way that you can get me out

is to get me the key from the windowsill”.

The Key of my mind...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Daniele Margaroli via Compfight

Holly got the key from the windowsill

and she unlocked the dragon.

Chapter Four

Have a sweet weekend...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bernat Casero via Compfight

They busted out with a huge lollipop

and knocked out the wicked Nutcracker

and put him in the dungeon.

After all their adventures,

they had a party to celebrate.

Happy New Year! Colorful Bubbly for You!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

Using Compfight was quick and easy.

The pictures  really brought

our stories to life.

 It is good to have this new skill 🙂

6 thoughts on “Week 4: Student Blogging Challenge 2013: Adding images using Compfight

  1. What fantastic stories! The images you chose certainly brought the story to life. Congratulations to Zac and Nicole.

  2. Thank you.
    Knowing how to use Compfight is very useful.
    We value this new skill and found this latest challenge very valuable
    in terms of what we learned.

  3. Dear Merrybeau,
    We discovered your blog through the Student Challenge Blog 2013. We are an 8th grade class in California. What is it like in Ireland? What do you like to do when you are not in school?
    We would love to hear from you! Here is a link to our class blog: http://englishbeat.saintmarksschool.org/.
    Let us know all about you!
    Ms. Wood’s 8th Grade English Class

  4. The boys and girls in 2nd Class Room 6 thank you for your comment on our blog. We left a comment on yours 🙂

    In it we said that we are enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge. We particularly liked this week’s challenge using images.

    Like yourselves, we enjoy connecting with students beyond our classroom in Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland and all over the world.

    You ask what Ireland is like… Well the experts tell us that we live in a temperate climate, but at the moment we are experiencing unseasonal weather. We would expect Spring by now, but it is still like an Irish Winter here.

    We see you are from California, so we know you get a lot of sunshine. At the moment we have a light dusting of snow and the temperature is (on average) just below freezing.

    We live beside the sea on the East Coast of Ireland, less than an hour’s train journey south from the capital city of Dublin. Our county of Wicklow is called the ‘Garden of Ireland’ because it is considered beautiful.

    Our town is called Greystones because before anyone used live here, (It was considered too wild and windy to settle here comfortably until the 1800s), fishermen passing by used say ‘Oh we caught fish at the grey stones’…or…’We got caught in a bad storm at the grey stones’.

    The other thing about Ireland at the moment is that we are in a recession, so we have to learn to budget very carefully. Teacher says this is a life skill and a useful thing to learn.

    On the plus side, we are a very good humoured country. Mostly we are happy go lucky. Nine people out of ten are very friendly, we believe.

    Teacher tells us that we are a very musical class and we love to sing. Singing helps us to feel part of the class and with team work and being kind to one another.

    As a class what is your favourite thing to do?

    With every good wish

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