Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – The Third Challenge – 10 Recycling Socks Ideas!

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013


This is the third week and

We found this week’s Blogging Challenge ‘challenging’ 😉

We were asked to think of ten ways of recycling socks.


You can read about the 3rd Challenge here.
First some maths!

How many socks do you use in  a year?


Over a lifetime how many is that?

In a family of four how many would that be?


How about in a neighbourhood

In a school of five hundred?


In a country?

In the world?


So we are sure you would agree

we need to do more with our old socks

rather than putting them in the bin.


We think that there must be

at least three types of odd sock.


The Oldies but Goodies

There is the very old and threadbare

It deserves to be treated with respect.

It has done its job well.

They are used to hard work

and won’t mind working some more.


The Lovelies

They are the very new, fashionable ones

that we love and then disaster we lose one.

The new job we can give these ones

can be a lot more glamorous


The Cuties

They are the really cute ones

that perhaps look almost new.

that Baby has grown out of them.


Wash very very well and then…

Wash them again.


That the socks are clean

and that they don’t smell is


REALLY important

for the success of these recycling ideas.


So what to do to recycle socks?


You could use them to:

1. dust and polish

2. clean blackboards or white boards

3. protect shoes when we do painting and decorating

4.  You have heard about a soap on a rope. How about a soap in a sock?

Put a bar of soap into a long sock  rub it and it will lather up. 

5. The feet can be cut off the sock and they can be used as leg warmers

6. Tie a few together to use as a toy for your dog or your cat.

7. Stuffing: Cut old socks up into small pieces and use to stuff toys or pillows.

8. Make sock hand puppet

9. If you have babies just learning to crawl, take a long sock, cut the feet off and put the

footless sock over baby’s knees to help protect them and the clothes they are wearing.

10. Ice Pack: Fill with ice and put on the bump.


So where do socks disappear too.

It’s well known that washing machines and driers steal them.


Buy identical pairs of socks

and then you will be able to make a new pair with the odd ones.


We made a short comic using 


Make Beliefs Comix


We called it:


Where do all the odd socks go?




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