Updates for Parents and Friends

This is footage of some of the prize giving ceremony.

From approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds 

you may see some children you know:

Junior Spiders Awards 2013 contd (Big Red Engine.com)



In the following link 2nd Class Room 6

were lucky enough to get a Mega Spider Awards.

Our section is at 8 minutes 30 into the video:

More from the Junior Spider Awards.


Highlights from

Eircom Junior Spiders Awards

5th March, 2013

Highlights from Eircom Junior Spiders Awards 2013 from Big Red Engine.com

Well done everyone !

6 thoughts on “Updates for Parents and Friends

  1. hi teacher i saw the video of the “Junior Spider Awards” and my mum put it on Face Book realy like it and my brother saw it/my 2 sisters/my mum. hope you have a great weekend 😀 🙂

  2. Yes Amy…It wasn’t a dream 🙂 It really happened 😀 Have a great weekend too, yourself and all the family.

  3. Hi teacher! All my friends and relatives in the Philippines saw the video in you tube and saw my photo in the news paper. I am so happy that I got the chance to go to the RDS 🙂 I think that we all want to go next time. We all have our moment in the sun when we won!Congratulations to you teacher and to all of us in Rm. 6 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. Hi there Nicole, I am so glad that all your relatives and friends in the Philippines saw you for your ‘moment in the sun’ 🙂 I’m sure that they are very proud of you. Yes it was a pity that we couldn’t bring everyone. But we will try and have a ‘moment in the sun’ for everyone. The ‘Write A Book’ results will be out soon, and that will be some one else’s chance to be famous perhaps. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too, and to your Mum and Dad.

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