‘Signs of Spring’ Twitter Project

Following the fun we had during the first week of October

when we took part in a Signs of Autumn Twitter Project

Click here to read about Signs of Autumn Twitter Project


this week we are taking part in a collaborative project about

the Signs of Spring on Twitter.

Read about it here on Seomra Ranga.com


We are tweeting photos and comments

about the signs of Spring that we see

using the hashtag  #antearrach


Teacher looks forward to this opportunity

to continue using  Twitter with 2nd Class, Room 6.

Click here for the link to our Twitter feed.


Boys and girls in 2nd Class Room 6

Can you see the Spring photo you took today? 


Would you like to vote for your favourite season?

Click on the page below to vote!

Update 8th March 2013

Signs of Spring Twitter Project chirpstory

3 thoughts on “‘Signs of Spring’ Twitter Project

  1. Hello Teacher,
    I’m very proud of the blog.
    I watched the News2Day.
    IT WAS SO GOOD……:)

  2. Hello Alice,
    I’m very proud of
    all the boys and girls
    in 2nd Class Room 6
    That means you too Alice 😉

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