Our First Confession

Saturday 2nd March 2013 was a very special day.

We made our First Confession in Holy Rosary Church.


Our family and friends were there.

It was a happy day.

We had prepared well

at school with Teacher

and at home with our parents.

We had practiced the readings, songs and prayers.

We learned about the Lost Sheep and The Good Shepherd.


Our friend Paul, who works in the parish,

made a sacred space for us on the altar.

In the space was the shepherd and the sheep

that Paul had brought to class one day.

The singing bowl that we love was there too.



On Friday we all lit candles

and said a prayer that everything would go well.

Everything did go well.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue.


The ceremony was at 12.30 in Holy Rosary Church

with Father Liam, Father Denis and Father Owen.

Our parents brought us up and introduced us to the priest.

We told the priest about the times we didn’t show love.

He told us that God Our Father in Heaven forgives us.

That was a good feeling. We felt really happy.


Amy said she felt ‘lighter’

JC said he felt ‘amazing’

Tadhg said he felt ‘refeshed’.

Senan said he felt like ‘a clean white shirt

that had just been through the washing machine’.

Nicole said she felt ‘closer to God’

Alice said she felt that she was more ‘grown up’.


When we walked back down the church

and we felt that we were walking on air.

It was a good feeling.



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