Making More Connections: New Zealand and Ireland

Making Connections is a comprehension strategy

we use in school when we read.

It is good to make connections

in other subject areas too.



Like New Zealand we have two languages here in Ireland:

our native language (called Irish/Gaelic/Gaeilge).

and our adopted language, English.


Irish is taught in schools.

Teachers have used the popularity

of the haka from New Zealand

to teach Irish:

Take a look at this great video is from

a 6th class in Balbriggan ETNS.


Uillinn dheas, uillinn chlé 

(right elbow, left elbow)

Buail do chos, buail do chos 

(stamp your feet, stamp your feet)

Gualainn dheas, gualainn chlé 

(right shoulder, left shoulder)

Bualadh bos, bualadh bos 

(clap hands, clap hands)

Lámha ar na glúine 

(hands on knees)

Cromaigí, cromaigí 

(bend down, bend down)

Lámha in airde 

(hands up)

Éirígí! éirígí!

(rise up, rise up)

Síos ar na glúine

(down on your knees)

Lámha sna cluasa

(hands in ears)

Bualadh bos, bualadh bos 

(clap hands, clap hands)

Léimigí suas….. AAAAAAA!

(Jump in the air)

– by Dominic ó Braonáin


The older children in our school are familar

with the song from New Zealand

‘Pokarekare Ana’.

In Senior Classes they learn how to

play this tune on the recorder.

The tune of Pokarekare Ana

is used in Ireland for a hymn to Mary:

‘A Mhuire Mathair’

Other connections: Both countries are islands

and have a strong connection with the sea.


Both New Zealand and Ireland

are green and beautiful.


Family is important.


Both countries have an interest

in the sport of rugby.

The New Zealand rugby team

are good ambassadors for New Zealand.


We see in films like ‘The Hobbit’

that New Zealand is very beautiful.

Making connections makes the world go round!

6 thoughts on “Making More Connections: New Zealand and Ireland

  1. Hello my name Darius,

    Wow! I never knew that your school was so far away. Thank you for the comment that you left on my blog. Yes Ireland is a very good team when it comes to rugby they have a lot of strong players and did well in the last rugby world cup. Is rugby league a popular sport in Ireland?

  2. Hello Darius,

    Great to hear from you.Yes there is a great physical distance between Ireland and New Zealand. We ‘googled’ this. in Fact there is 18 662 km between the two countries. We see from your blog that you travel to Australia from time to time. You must enjoy travelling.

    Rugby Union is more popular than Rugby League in Ireland. A lot of boys do rugby training at the weekend. Quite often they come to school on Monday with rugby injuries. It seems like a physical sport.

    With every good wish,

    2nd Class, Room 6

  3. 18,662 km between us – goodness it really is the other side of the world! We have been working on a display in our classroom about Ireland, its taking a bit of time, we’ve just managed to do the heading at the moment and print some photographs- the rest of the display will have to wait until we have completed school camp next week (which is until Wednesday) but we are going to look at the weekend for our some Irish things from our town. Great to see all that information we are doing a post about it on our class page so thank you so much.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  4. Hello from Dan’s 6th class!
    We thank you for your comment and are looking forward to meeting you at the awards, the best of luck Dan’s 6th!
    Our 5th class won it last year, so we hope to win it again this year.
    We are travelling by bus and it will be a distance of 35km to get there. Our uniforms are red and we would love some of your jellies.

  5. Hello to Dan’s 6th Class,

    Travelling by bus is a good idea.
    We will look out for your red uniforms.
    We might recognise it because we saw some uniforms in your videos.
    Red is a cheerful colour.

    See you then,
    2nd Class Room 6

  6. Well, when we heard about School Camp, we really wanted to leave school right now
    and emigrate to New Zealand.
    That sounds like great fun. We will probably read about it in your blog
    but we are curious to know what you will do at School Camp
    and is School Camp in school or do you travel somewhere.
    We are just starting our weekend now and have that ‘Friday Feeling’!
    With every good wish,
    2nd Class Room 6

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