Chinese New Year – A Voki Project on China by 2nd Class Room 6

With Chinese New Year on its way,

we have been learning about China.


Meet Avatar Niamh.

She starts off our project by telling you

about the ABC of China

the abacus, bicycles and chopsticks.


Avatar Tadhg is going to talk to you

about Chinese Dragons


A Forbidden City sounds interesting.

Avatar Owen will tell you about it.



If you want to hear about

the Great Wall of China,

Zac has some information:


Avatar Lewis introduces us

to some important Chinese inventions


Avatar Nicole has some information

about the Chinese inventions

of kite making and fireworks.


There are so many people in China

that there is not enough land to live on.

So what do people do?

Avatar Tom will tell you!

Have you ever seen the

Disney movie ‘Mulan’?

Matthew will tell you about

the Chinese legend of Mulan.


We don’t want to make you hungry,

but Avatar Mark would like to talk to you

about Chinese food.



What do you know about Pandas?

Let Avatar Senan tell you what he knows about them.

When 2nd Class Room 6 saw

‘The Sacred Way’ on Google Images,

they were amazed.

Avatar Shane will tell you why.

Finally Max will tell you about

another spectacular sight that

we saw on Google Images when

we looked up the Terracotta Army.

When doing this project we found this ABC of China

from a 3rd Grade Computer Club

from ‘The Franklin Institute’, Philadelphia

a very helpful starting point.

The alphabetical order was

a very helpful memory aid.


A Song for Chinese New Year, from ‘Children’s Music by Nancy Stewart’..


This is our second Voki Project this year.

The other one was on the planets in our solar system.

Our Project about the Planets in Our Solar System

For these projects we tried to create avatars that looked like us.


Now that we have that done,

we are each making our own unique avatars

that definitely do not look like us.

Look out for them in the weeks to come 😉


Thanks to Lucy from TY who helped us with this project.


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2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year – A Voki Project on China by 2nd Class Room 6

  1. Hi there
    We love your blog! How did you make your cool avatars?
    From Room R from Taumarunui

  2. Hello to Room R, Thank you for the compliment. We made are avatars using This is the web address:

    First we made avatars that looked kind of like ourselves. They are on the blog already.

    Then we made the craziest avatars we could think of. They still have to be posted.

    They are so weird, we better post them just a view at a time in case we frighten people (joke).

    You should try the avatars. They are great fun.

    Thanks again,

    2nd Class Room 6

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