Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Classroom Blog

Today 2nd Class Room 6 talked about

the Advantages and Disadvantages

of having a Classroom Blog

These are the advantages

We enjoy having a classroom blog.

Senan called it our ‘digital diary’.


Parents, families and friends at home

and abroad can see what we do in school.


Children who are absent from school

can check up on what we are doing.


We feel good seeing our work online,


We have made friends

with students in other schools

and other countries through our blog.


We had fun preparing to enter

the Eircom Junior Spiders Awards 2013:

Mega Spiders: School Blog.




We talked about the disadvantages

of having a classroom blog

and we agreed that

there are NO disadvantages 🙂

4 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Classroom Blog

  1. Ha! What a great positive discussion that you had about blogging. I have some challenges that we have found with our class page – getting others to understand why we get so excited about blogging, sometimes we have difficutly posting work or finding the time to post work!

    Next week we will be completing our display about Ireland in our classroom (Mr Webb is looking for somethings for the display at the weekend) and we are going to gather some questions together which we would like you to asnwer if that was possible and finally we are going to try and speak Gaelic next week! Have a great weekend and we will be in touch.

    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    Ps – there’s a couple of other ideas we have, we would like to Skype your class at some point if that would be possible (as we are a bit old we would come into our school at night to that it would be the morning in Ireland). Also we were thinking about sending a package as well.

  2. Thanks for your message. 2nd Class Room 6 are a positive class 🙂 I think Room 5 Melville Intermediate are too. Children, in general are positive, optimistic people and the ‘glass is always half full’ and not ‘half empty’. Finding the time to post work can certainly be difficult.

    We are looking forward to seeing pictures of your work about Ireland.

    We would love to answer your questions if we can.
    As one of our students Zac remarked,
    we learned a lot about Ireland ourselves
    through our collaboration with you.

    We will certainly have to address the
    question of leprechauns in Ireland 😉
    We still are getting great enjoyment out of this
    and also that your students have found our accents ‘funny’.

    Many of the children in this part of Ireland
    would be considered to have a ‘neutral’ accent.
    You’d need to go to your student Elizabeth’s
    ancestral home in Dingle, Co.Kerry
    to hear one of the best authentic Irish accents.

    Sadly we are not set up here to skype.
    Though you would be very good to come
    into school at night to do so.
    It is interesting to see how far ahead
    other parts of the world are in terms of blogging.
    But we are fortunate in that there are so many
    excellent blogs and bloggers out there (like your good selves)
    who are so helpful to us on our ‘learning curve’.

    We will put our ‘thinking caps’ on to decide
    what should go in that package 😉
    We will see can we catch a leprechaun!

    With every good wish, 2nd Class, Room 6 and Teacher

  3. Sorry I had the wrong link on the previous comment. Should have been:

    G’day Kids in the Mid,
    Thanks for registering for the March 2013 blogging challenge.

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    Miss W or tasteach – challenge organizer

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