Inspired by the Chinese Willow Pattern

Soon it will be Chinese New Year

We listened ย to the story of the

Chinese Willow Pattern.



Then we acted out the story.

To finish we made ‘statues’

of that dramatic point in the story

where Li Chi’s Father tells Chang he must leave

and Li Chi begs her father to let her marry Chang.

We would love to hear what you think of our art.


A Song for Chinese New Year from ‘Children’s Music’ by Nancy Stewart.

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A Reminder:

Please donโ€™t leave your child to explore online unattended

The internet is a portal to the world outside.

Children should be accompanied on this journey ๐Ÿ˜‰

29 thoughts on “Inspired by the Chinese Willow Pattern

  1. I am going to try and write a good quality comment.
    Max, great willow picture. Do you like art? I do.
    Do you know anything about the willow story? I do.
    Do you think my comment is better quality than yesterday’s. I do ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am going to try and write a good quality comment.
    I love your picture Nicole.
    Wow Matthew I never knew you could draw so well.
    Would you show me how?

  3. I liked your picture Fiona because it was very creative.
    I liked it because you used your own ideas.
    This made it different to all the rest and it stood out.
    I like art. Do you?

  4. I am trying to write a good quality comment.

    Teacher said to start with a compliment so I am going to say: I thought the willow patterns were amazing Room 6.

    Then she told us to add more information so I said: I love Jack S’s because the picture really brought it to life.

    Then Teacher said to make a connection with the reader so I said: My Granny has a willow pattern plate. The last time I saw it there were delicious cocktail sausages on it. They didn’t stay there long.

    Finally Teacher told us to end with a question: Do you like the willow pattern? She also asked us to check if we made any mistakes. I did ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you find any mistake I may have made?

  5. I really loved our willow pattern designs. We are definitely true artist here in Room 6.

    I really liked Matthew’s willow pattern because it was so detailed.

    I have seen lots of willow patterns, but they didn’t look like the ones we did. Our ones are much better ๐Ÿ˜‰

    How did you draw like that Nicole?

  6. I love the way Matthew made his picture so outstanding to look at. I suppose you must really like art Matthew.

    There are so many similarities between your picture and the real willow pattern.

    It would take me a long time to name them all. And Fiona please tell me how you draw so well with a twistable crayon?

  7. Senan I really loved your strong detail. Great colours Senan.
    My Mum has a jug just like it, with a dragon on it.
    Which was YOUR favourite plate?

  8. Teacher I really liked the photographs because they were fun.

    Thank you Teacher. I think they really turned out well in black and white.

    It was clever too, because we were disguised.

    You can’t tell who we are and that is good to be safe.

    The activity that day was really fun and epic and superb.
    Thank you.

  9. These pictures are like a book I read my brother got me. But these are better. Well done 2nd Class. I like these SO much ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Alice, the trees on your plate were well drawn. They were unique. The thing I like about your picture is it is eye catching. Your art is lovely. One day teach me how to draw like you.

    Very good drawing. Good job Room 6. This is the best pictures and I like Matthew’s too. Well done all ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I really really like the black and white photos. It was so epic.

    I think my grandparents have the willow pattern.

    Do you like them? I do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Super. This is great Shane. And I also like dragons. I wonder if you like dragons. Oh and did you know that some legend says dragons ate roast swallow?

  13. Super. I like your one especially Clara. It is really creative. I love the way you decorated the outside of the place. You are a genius Clara. I would buy yours in a shop. It is so lovely.

  14. Matthew I love your plate and I could say that a million times over and over and over again.

    Clara, your picture it is genius. I love it too.

    Tom I think your picture is so so so lovely. I think that so so much.

    Matthew I know you love art. I do too.

    My Granny has a willow pattern plate and I saw one in a museum.

  15. I loved Senan’s because I’d never seen anything like it and his dragon was well drawn.

    Senan do you know the story of the Willow Pattern? I do.

  16. I really really liked Matthew’s picture. It has so much creation in it. I hope you like mine too.

    Next time maybe I’ll be able to draw like you.

  17. Senan I liked your dragon because I like dragons and it looked like the real one we saw on the computer.

    Do you like dragons like me and do you like drawing dragons? I say you do if you can draw like that.

    Outstanding work and it is fab.

  18. Well done 2nd Class Room 6. These comments are much better than yesterday’s. Just like I have just done, you all remembered to start with a compliment.

    Many of you made your comment more interesting by adding to it.

    Some of you found something to say about what you had in common with the people you were talking to.

    Some of you remembered to finish with a question.

    It was obvious, you checked your work for mistakes.

    Well done. Keep up the good work.

  19. Dear Ms. Beausang & Room 6,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog. We are glad you enjoyed looking at our blog.

    We have had a look at your blog and are very impressed! What fantastic work! We really enjoyed looking at your Artwork, especially your Willow Pattern designs.

    Congratulations on making the shortlist for the Junior Spider Awards. We are looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday. Our uniform is wine and grey and there will be eight representatives from our class attending.

    See you then!

    Ms. Fay & 4th Class, St. Brigid’s Castleknock

  20. Thank you very much for your kind comment Mrs. Fay & 4th Class.
    We are glad that you liked our Willow Pattern Plates.
    Two more sleeps and we will see you.
    Your uniform sounds nice. Wine and grey looks good together.
    With every good wish
    2nd Class, Room 6 and Ms. B

  21. Thanks Sue. They were very easy to do,
    but they turned out well.
    We found them interesting to do.

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