Online Games to practice Addition,Subtraction & Clock Time for 1st/2nd Class

We have been using these games to practice our maths in class


1. Great Subtraction Practice

Try The Subtraction Wall

We are really enjoying this one.


2. Another game to practice subtraction.

Key in the correct security code

by completing a number of take away sums

and as a reward the student gets to design a superhero.

Super Hero Costume Game

This game certainly has its fans in 2nd Class Room 6.


3. Challenge: Football Themed Two Digit Addition

Looks like fun

Our football fans enjoy this one.

4. This one is a new addition.

Watch out because it gets quicker

and quicker as you go up the levels.

Maths Barge Game from Ohio

5. Clock time game

Have fun with clock time


6. Another game to revise clock time

Telling the time


7. Lots more maths games from BBC

Lots more maths games

Try one!

They’re fun!

Acknowledging the help of this great accumulation of websites on Ms. Horst’s Class Blog

Ms.Horst’s Class Website

To know another teacher has found a website useful

is very helpful when sourcing

age appropriate educational websites.

2 thoughts on “Online Games to practice Addition,Subtraction & Clock Time for 1st/2nd Class

  1. Thanks for the links, our students here in New Zealand are slighlty older but as a teacher I am always looking for links regardless of the level. Our students will be back in class in two days time and we will be coming here for a close look at your work.

  2. Thank you for your message. We are fascinated by the Maori Mihi. We suppose every culture must have their own way of greeting one another and introducing one’s self. We thought the Maori way was very special.

    After hearing about the Maori Mihi we talked about how Irish people greet one another and tell people about themselves. Like the Maori people the Irish people try to speak their own language (Irish/Gaeilge/Gaelic) as well as English.

    We are doing a little work on this that we will send your way. It will have been somewhat influenced by your lovely Maori custom.

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