Message received from Room 5, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand today.

Today we received a message from

Mr. Webb’s Room 5 Class

in Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton,

New Zealand.


 We were …



It said:


Thanks so much for your audioboo

that was played today twice to our students.


They loved it, but they weren’t the first to do so,

Mr Webb, played it in the staff room

and we had a crowd of teachers that were listening to it.


The Room Five students loved hearing your voices

and the facts and information about

where you are in Ireland.


We are going to do a display about it next week

that includes the information

so that anyone who visits our classroom can see it,

and we have already had people from all over the

world watch what are are doing.


Next week in class we are going to speak Gaelic

from the phrases and words that you left for us

and we are going to look for more information

and we will post it on our class page,

so thank you so much again and have a great next few days.


(It is the weekend here in New Zealand,

we are half a day ahead of the rest of the world!)


Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School,

Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.”

This is the link to the podcast we sent 🙂


We first made acquaintance with

Mr. Webb’s Class


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