Making Blogging Connections at Home and Abroad

Making connections is a recurring theme in class 🙂

We make connections as a comprehension strategy in reading.


But ‘making connections’ has come to have a new meaning

now that we are blogging.


Here are some of our more recent connections:


Our work on the Parish Website


Junior Art Gallery features some of our tree paintings



Follow this link to see our blog featured on


Our initial link with Room 5 Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand

20 thoughts on “Making Blogging Connections at Home and Abroad

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    Please remember that you are an important person and that your name should begin with a capital letter.

    I think three of you used the word ‘nice’. ‘Nice’ tells us very little really except perhaps what N-I-C-E spells 😉

    One of you used that over used word ‘cool’. Which really is best used describing the temperature.

    Also your comments were very short. We’ll have to do some more work on this. Then you will be writing comments of a very high standard.

    Let’s keep trying.

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