Class Collaboration between Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland and Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Classrooms are very different places in this 21st Century.

In the past children have done projects on other countries.


2nd Class, Room 6 are learning about New Zealand.

But this is different to other years where information

came from books and the internet.


We are hearing about New Zealand from

Mr.Webb’s students in Y7/8, Room 5,

Melville Intermediate School,

Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.


Link to Class Blog for Y7/8 Room 5, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand


They in turn are learning about Ireland.

These students have just returned from their Summer holidays 😉


They brainstormed what they knew about Ireland and we replied.

We were very impressed that students as far away as New Zealand

knew as much as they did about our small island.


This is what they knew and what we said.


1. Dublin is the capital of Ireland.

Yes that is true.

We live to the south of Dublin.

On the train, it is approximately an hour away.


2. You can kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland and it gives you good luck.

Yes you can kiss the Blarney stone

but rather than make you lucky,  

doing this makes you ‘chatty,’ a good talker.


This is a tradition and many tourists include

‘kissing the Blarney Stone’ in their trip to Ireland.


The children in 2nd Class Room 6 are already blessed

with this gift of being talkative ;)


It is not easy to kiss the Blarney stone.

One has to ‘bend over backwards’.  

Link to the Blarney Stone 


Long ago, tourists were held by the ankles

and lowered head first over the battlements

of the Blarney Castle.


Nowadays there is a ‘safer way’ to do this.

But the stone is down a ‘drop’ behind you.


We think perhaps that people get so nervous doing this

that they ‘babble’ and talk a lot afterwards out of fright.


3. Our collaborators from Melville School

knew that Irish Dancing is popular : 

We are fond of Irish dancing.

We have dance class in school,

for a half an hour every Monday.

Included in the lesson is Irish dancing.

Damien from Melville School described

Irish dancing accurately.


Traditionally too, Irish dancers just moved their legs very rapidly

and kept their arms stiffly down by their sides.


This has changed in the last ten years,

with the popularity of a show called ‘Riverdance’.


The traditional rules of the dance have been broken

but we think that the end result is a better dance.


4. Ireland has a lot of pubs

Sadly this is a view people have of Ireland.

The Irish are very friendly and sociable.

They like to get together to talk.


We used have a lot of pubs,

but many have gone out of business.


The government passed a ‘No drinking and driving’ law

and also a ‘No smoking in public places’ law.

This means people don’t go to the pubs as much.


5. Potatoes has something to do with Ireland

Potatoes were to Ireland as rice was to China :D 

but this has changed too.


When our grandparents were at school,

all the children would have eaten potatoes

each day for their dinner.


We had a show of hands today

and less than half of the children

had eaten potatoes or chips the previous day.


6. The Titanic was built in Ireland.

Indeed the Titanic was built in Ireland.

Levi’s (from Melville) Nan came to Ireland on holiday.

She certainly travelled a long way.


We remembered the tragedy of the Titanic

especially last year as it was 100 years since it happened.


7. Fairies and Leprechauns are creatures from Ireland.

This is a funny one :D 

We’ll get back to our new friend from New Zealand on this.


These are the facts we found out we knew about New Zealand

after a brainstorming session.


1. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.

(Thanks to JC for this information)


2. The New Zealand rugby team are the best rugby players in the world.

They are a competitive, strong and brave team.


3. The only famous person we could think of from New Zealand

is the rugby player Sonny Bill Williams. (Thanks to Cian for this information)


4. We have seen the ‘haka’ before rugby matches.

We heard it was a war chant to scare the enemy long ago.


We are big fans of the ‘haka’


5. Kiwi fruit comes from New Zealand

and it is also the name of a flightless bird.


6. English is spoken in New Zealand!


7. Hobbits live in New Zealand.


We has said the our friends in New Zealand

that we would appreciate their help to advise us

if we have got anything wrong!


Teacher will also fill us in on some of the gaps in our knowledge.

As part of this project we are going to learn the ‘haka’ from the link above.


From doing this collaboration 2nd Class Room 6

have learned two very interesting things already.

When we have our Christmas holidays,

students in New Zealand begin their Summer holidays.


We learned that time wise, New Zealand

is thirteen hours ahead of the time here in Ireland.


We are finding this collaboration very interesting

and we are learning a lot.

Click here for what we did next!  

8 thoughts on “Class Collaboration between Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland and Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. It looks like both groups of students know a lot about the other country. I wonder what my students know about Ireland and New Zealand.

    Mr. C

  2. Yes it is great. The students here in Room 6 are very enthused. Many of them came in today with fresh facts about New Zealand that their parents had told them. Interestingly, as a group we are also learning about our own country as we clarify the information about Ireland that the students in Mr. Webb’s class sent is. This project is also increasing our understanding of ‘time zones’ in a most practical and relevant way. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Also thanks to comments4kids. This collaboration is a direct result of

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  4. Thanks JC, I wonder did you prefer the version from New Zealand or the one to learn Irish. (I think I know the answer ;))

  5. I didn’t even know about the Blarney Stone and I am from Ireland.

    Well done Room 5 on all you knew about Ireland.

    Nicole in our class found out a new fact about New Zealand. She said that bungee jumping was invented there.


  6. No leprechauns in Ireland I am sad to say.

    It is a pity because there is a recession here and we could do with those pots of gold.

    Plenty of rainbows though … because there is plenty of rain 😉

  7. Thank you for your comments Jack and Aoife. Nice to have you visiting our blog when it is not a school day … and its not raining either!

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