Podcast: What did you like about ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’?

We have just finished our class novel

‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’

by Jill Tomlinson.

The children in 2nd Class, Room 6

enjoyed the humour

and appreciated

that the story followed a pattern.

But let them tell you about it.

Isabella is today’s interviewer.

As part of the work we are doing on owls,

the boys and girls enjoyed watching barn owls on this link today.

Perhaps they might like to check it out again at home.

Click on this link for a video of a barn owl in flight from a nature website called Arkive.org

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12 thoughts on “Podcast: What did you like about ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’?

  1. I liked when the owl fell off his tree when he went to fly. I really liked that people said the owl was a firework or a pudding when they met him. It was a fun book. I hope the one about the aardvark will be good too.

  2. Thank you Jack for your positive comments about our class novel. I love ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark’. And the good news is that if you enjoyed it, I know you will also enjoy ‘The Aardvark Who wasn’t Sure’.

  3. Room Six.
    I am a classroom teacher from New Zealand and I have just listened to your broadcast about the Owl who was afraid of the dark.

    I have to say that I am not familar with this story but I loved the way that everyone said positive things about the book, it seemed like you found it interesting and a funny book to read.

    Isabella you did an excellent job as a reporter, I liked the way that you spoke clearly and said something positive after everyone from your class made a comment about the book.

    My class is not at school at the moment because it is the Summer holidays here in New Zealand they won’t be back until the end of this month but I will put your class page onto our class blogroll because I like it so much I think that you have been doing some wonderful work. I will get my students to visit when they are back in the classroom.

    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

  4. Hello there Mr. Webb. Thank you for your kind comments about our podcast. We would recommend ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ for readers of six to eight year olds. We see that your students are older. Jill Tomlinson wrote a lot of good books for children of this age. We are now reading her book ‘The Aardvark who wasn’t Sure’. Jill Tomlinson was an interesting person, because she spent most of her adult life in a wheel chair, living with MS. Yet she wrote lively humorous books for children. She used visit her local primary school and read from her books to the children there.

    Isabella is delighted to hear that you think she did a good job reporting. When Isabella grows up she would like to be an actor, singer and dancer. So this is good practice for an acting and singing career. You will have to take our word for it that she is a good dancer.

    We hope you are enjoying your break from school. We are fascinated to think that New Zealand gets good weather at this time of year. Our weather is usually mild but in some places in Ireland there is a little snow and the temperature goes as low as -4 at night at the moment.

    Thank you for putting our blog on your blog roll and we look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing visitors from Melville Intermediate School here.

    With every good wish,
    2nd Class Room 2 and their teacher 🙂

  5. We do get some cold weather here in winter and it does drop below freezing for a few days each year, we are inland so we do get the odd frost – we live in an area famous for farming (Dairy Farming) and its milk production. Hamilton isn’t a huge city we have about 120,000 people who live in the city. Our school has a role of about 300.

    I think our students are going to like the fact that they will think your students will speak ‘funny’!

  6. Thank you for telling us about the weather where you live. A very few of the children in this school have parents who are farmers. Mostly it is also dairy farming. Wicklow is famous for sheep farming. People love dairy and meat products from New Zealand as it has a good reputation.

    Many of us have seen ‘The Hobbit ‘ and think that New Zealand is a beautiful country that we would like to visit. 2nd Class do a project on New Zealand every year and when we do it perhaps your class could tell us if we have made any mistakes. Sometimes people make mistakes about Ireland which we find funny.

    We will forgive your class if they think we speak funny. We are going to prepare a special podcast for their return to school.

  7. Hello Room Six,
    My name is Ms. Garner and I’m the technology support teacher at Dodge Elementary School in Mobile, Alabama. I work with all the teachers and students in our school. One of my favorite classes is my “Moore WeDo” robotics class.
    I listened to your podcast about “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark”. I have never read the book but enjoyed learning about it via your podcast interview. It sounded like you all enjoyed the book.
    I just finished reading the third book in the 39 Clues series. Many of the students here at Dodge enjoy the series as well.
    Can y’all find Mobile on the map? How far is Mobile from your school?

    Have a great day,
    Lynn Garner
    Dodge Elementary School – Mobile, AL

  8. Thank you very much for your comment Ms.Garner.

    We would love a technology support teacher in our school. We think the making robots class would be our favourite class too. Teacher showed us the robot birds you class made out of lego and we thought they were awesome.

    We will google the 39 Clues series and see what it is about. If it is popular in your school and if you enjoyed it, it must be good. It sounds like a mystery and we love mysteries.

    We see Alabama on the map and now we are going to look for Mobile. We will ‘google’ information about Mobile also as we would like to know how Mobile got its name.

    With every good wish,

    2nd Class Room 6 and their Teacher Merry Beau

  9. We looked up Mobile on Google.
    We liked the sound of your warm weather
    and the look of your blue skies
    and the carnival.

    We learned that Mobile is called
    after the Native American Indian tribe
    They were called the Mobilian tribe.

    Now we are going to look up the Mobilian tribe.

  10. Room 6, Matthew & Jack,

    Mobile was named by the French when it was the capital of French Louisiana in 1702. The city was named after the Native American Mobilan tribe that already lived along Mobile Bay. I see you have begun your research of Mobile.
    Mobile is a warm humid city. We do have some cold weather but it seldom snows. We are considered a very wet city. However it takes a lot of water to keep our grass green.
    The students in Mobile and the surrounding cities have been out of school for the past two days on Mardi Gras break. We are actually ending the carnival season with students returning to school tomorrow morning. Mardi Gras always ends on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Many refer to this as Fat Tuesday. This year it was a rainy day but the streets were still filled with carnival goers. As for me, I spent the day catching up on school work. I did catch a couple of the parades on Video. Check the link below for video of a Mobile parade.

    We also looked up Greystones, Ireland and I think Mrs. Moore’s students have a few questions for you and your class.

    Have a great day.
    Ms. Garner

  11. Dear Ms Garner,

    Thank you for telling us about the Native American Mobilian tribe because when we went to look this up,
    we found a lot about a language called Mobilian but very little about the Native Americans, so thank you.

    We have enjoyed ‘Fat Tuesday’ here, but we call it ‘Pancake’ or ‘Shrove’ Tuesday.

    Thank you for the video link too. We tried it, but it didn’t work but we did see the larger than life, colourful
    parade online. It was amazing.

    You were very good to write to us when you had so much school work to do.

    We checked back in to Mrs. Moore’s class blog and replied to a message there, so thank you for telling us
    about that. We would love to answer any questions her class might have about Ireland.

    With every good wish
    2nd Class Room 6

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