Moments in the Sun – Being Successful – Taking Turns

We were talking in class about ‘moments in the sun’,

how every now and then some one has a day

where their talents are celebrated.

The children who took part in the Kilcoole Feis

had this ‘moment in the sun’.


Mark and Fiona had their most recent moment

when they got prizes in the art competition

organised by Junior Art Gallery.


More success will occur when the class enter

the Write A Book competition.

Winners and runners up will be picked from each class.


We will also enter the Junior Spiders Awards

and the Texaco Art competition

and who knows what might happen.


We talked about how we can’t expect

to climb to the top of the mountain

and be successful every day.


Being successful takes hard work.

Being successful also takes good luck.

If the weather was sunny every day

we would take it for granted.

The children in 2nd Class, Room 6

agreed that they all love snow days

but if it snowed everyday

they would eventually find this tedious.

Winning the Lotto would be

a dream come true

for many people,

but if it happened every day

we might say:

‘Oh No, not another

Lotto win’ 😉


We can take it in turns to be successful

and have our ‘moments in the sun’.

We can congratulate friends

who are successful

and enjoy their success

with them.


Today Nicole was successful.

Her lovely picture received praise

from Junior Art Gallery:

Nicole’s picture on Junior Art

Well done Nicole 🙂

This link will bring you to other successes 2nd Class Room 6 have had.

9 thoughts on “Moments in the Sun – Being Successful – Taking Turns

  1. I am also reading My Naughty Little Sister. It’s a really good book because it is interesting. She has a next door neighbour called Mrs Cocoa Jones and she has a secret door in the hedge to visit her. I would love that.

  2. I really liked the paper bags you put over your head. And I liked the halloween art that you did.

  3. Hi Cian we were glad to hear that you liked the paper bag art. It was fun to do. The Halloween art was fun to do too. Halloween is a time, we really really like in 2nd Class, Room 6. The art put us in the mood for Halloween.

    Hello Amelia, Thank you for telling us about that story about My Naughty Little Sister. We haven’t done that one, but because you said it was good, we asked Teacher and she said, she would read it to us.

  4. I got 666 on the balloon popping game,in mixed subtraction…And I made a voki. I love making a voki what about you?

  5. I think that the reports on “The owl who was afraid of the dark” were great! They really projected there voices well.

  6. Thank you Cathal. I’m glad you thought that we projected our voices well. Your encouragement is very helpful to us.

  7. Room 6, loved your words of wisdom on being successful and moments in the sun, good for us all to reflect to help us become better people. Keep up the super blogs!

  8. Thank you Michael. We are glad that you found our words wise. We love doing the blog so there is no danger that we won’t keep it up. Thanks for encouraging us.

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